Internet of Things

Running applications on industrial PCs ?

Applications on industrial PCs are mainly used to operate machinery. But industrial PCs are also the building blocks for any IoT-solution.

IoT and AR applications

How to combine IoT-Data and Augmented Reality?

To see how combined IoT and AR applications can breathe new life into existing operations, it is essential to explore real-life use cases and take a closer look at the possible application areas.

IoT and AR

Why Should Companies Adopt a Combined IoT & AR Approach?

The confluence of IoT & AR holds the promise for more revenue, cost savings, and better transparency. Still, what are the details behind this trend and why should companies look into forwarding a consolidated IoT & AR strategy?

IoT industrial manufacturing

The Change-Makers in Industrial Manufacturing

IoT is changing the world of industrial manufacturing. And with this, manufacturers are shifting their focus on creating more sustainable industrial environments with an emphasis on customisation, remote data accessibility and company-wide data democratisation plus increased adoption of holistic technologies.

anomaly detection at the IoT edge

Anomaly Detection and Edge Computing

Machine downtime, defective equipment, inefficient processes — these can be expensive. Find out how anomaly detection at the IoT edge can help.