Internet of Things

OTA updates with the Record Evolution Platform

Why IoT Platforms Need Over-the-air Updates?

While building a solution from scratch locally may be a drain of resources, making use of an existing IoT platform allows you to leverage and adapt the entire platform infrastructure while transparently managing the cost structure.

IoT implementation timeline

Implementation Timeline from PoC to IoT Deployment

While it makes it possible to get started at a much greater pace and get to full IoT deployment with significantly less upfront investment, the enabler platform does not absolve organizations from the need to strategize, plan carefully, and map out their IoT effort.

image for platform openness

5 Open-Source IoT Platforms: Making Innovation Count

As the IoT platform model is attracting a larger following and is carving its way into large industrial corporations, building open-source IoT platforms is a logical step towards making the IoT platform movement available to as many users and contributors as possible.

cloud iot platform article image

The Cloud IoT Platform: 21 Essential Factors to Consider

When leveraged to the fullest, the cloud IoT platform can become the connective tissue binding together different operations and disparate assets, and providing a unified infrastructure for deploying and running business applications. Here is a breakdown of 21 essential factors to think about when buying.