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One Platform for Multiple Application Areas

IoT use cases: predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Understand machine behavior better and detect outliers faster.

Reduce maintenance costs and planning time while increasing equipment availability and uptime.

Asset Tracking

Monitor and control connected devices in real-time with custom IoT apps.

Optimize response time and get instant security notifications. Inspect IoT device logs and maintain a detailed audit trail.

IoT use cases: track assets
IoT use cases: condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Connect to all assets, collect the data that matters, and evaluate KPIs using just one platform.

Create custom-fitted solutions to maintain machine health and improve asset utilization. 

AI at the Edge

Build machine learning models, package these as apps, and easily deploy them to the IoT edge over the air.

Maintain a view of the full picture at all times and run continuous updates on your apps. 

AI at the edge

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how to get there: End-to-end Iot development

One Platform for the Full IoT Cycle

Collect and Analyze at the Edge

Connect to any device and legacy machine to collect and analyze initial IoT data.  Visualize edge data in custom dashboards for improved transparency and insight. 

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edge to cloud

Edge-to-cloud Industrial IoT

A stable and secure IoT platform that extends from the edge to the cloud and helps you seamlessly consolidate your industrial assets. Easy to set up and instantly scalable, allowing for massive deployments in industrial IoT contexts.

Develop AI in the Cloud

Take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of the cloud for data modeling, sophisticated analyses, and machine learning. Build with data from multiple sources. Integrate with BI and visualization tools using our RESTful API.

image of network
Trucks from above.

Deploy AI Back to the Edge

Take the AI models developed in the cloud and roll them out to any number of edge devices.  Oversee performance from within the platform and use incoming IoT data to improve on the existing logic.

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Get the Full Data Picture

IoT use case: assets 01
IoT use cases shop floor
IoT use cases for the shop floor

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