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Whitepaper: The IoT Development Cycle with Reswarm

For a fully-rounded IoT development cycle, data scientists and data engineers can benefit from a comprehensive offering that distinguishes itself by its scope. Reswarm allows different experts to close communication gaps by working together on a single platform and collaborate across locations. One IoT development platform unites:

App development and over-the-air deployment

The integrated app development environment radically simplifies the development of new apps using any programming language. Users can program apps directly on the IoT device. Code is deployed instantly over the air on IoT devices and device groups. 

Device management

Reswarm offers a device management hub for the orchestration of IoT devices and helps you to stay on top of your growing device fleet and volumes of generated data. 

As devices and technologies can quickly become obsolete, the orchestration capabilities of Reswarm, coupled with the advantages of an open platform, make sure that enterprises can quickly adapt to volatile innovation landscapes, changing standards, and new business models.

Integration with a data science platform for a complete IoT development cycle

A complete IoT development cycle involves a bringing together of Engineering and Data Science capabilities in a unified collaborative environment. Through integration with a data science platform, Reswarm combines engineering tasks with data science competencies. 

The key capabilities or the IoT development studio Reswarm include:

  • remote live development of apps in a dedicated code editor using any programming language
  • over-the-air deployment of apps on any connected IoT device worldwide 
  • remote device management, including the grouping, monitoring, and control of devices
  • multiple-user collaboration within swarms including granular user privileges on the swarm, app, and device level
  • end-to-end data science integrations for data collection, data transformation,  analysis, and data visualization capabilities

Ready to find out more? Download our whitepaper to see how Reswarm can help you accelerate the IoT development cycle in your organization: