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We develop tailored solutions for every stage of the process with an eye toward long-term success

We Stand for Better Insight

We are a multi-skilled team of experts in IoT consulting, machine learning, app development, IoT architectures, predictive maintenance, and software development. We consult on the entire spectrum of IoT from edge data collection to technology architectures. Combining extensive end-to-end know-how and long-standing project expertise, we distinguish ourselves through our agile working methodology. With the joined forces of edge and cloud data, we not only push the boundaries of existing outcomes but also craft a vision on how to design and implement future enterprise processes.

Data Engineering

We conceptualize and implement IoT data projects, oversee ETL and data transformation processes in IoT contexts, build Big Data and cloud architectures, and are established database experts.

Data Science

We design custom solutions for data pre-processing, edge analytics, and machine learning. A solid background in data science—from regular analytical discovery to statistical modeling—enables us to deliver robust architectures for IoT data analytics.

Internet of Things

Building on long-standing expertise in classic data analytics, we leverage your existing data landscape to raise the value of your IoT case. Using competencies in building container cloud architectures with microservices, we implement scalable IoT in industrial contexts.

Our Reference Projects: IoT, Data Architectures, Industrial UI

Big Data and IoT for Continental AG

We implemented a prototypical IoT architecture for the collection of real-time sensor data from vehicles in a cloud-based data store to automate the reliable detection and prediction of vibration noise.

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Risk Analysis Platform for ParcIT GmbH

We set up a comprehensive risk analysis platform for approximately 1,100 German Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken in parcIT GmbH. 

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Industrial UI for Precitec Optronik GmbH

We developed a user-centric UI for optical metrology to ensure intuitive and seamless optical distance and thickness measurements.

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Future Mobility UI for Continental AG

Collaborating with different departments at Continental, we co-developed an interactive cockpit demonstrator offering an experience of full connectivity. 

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Big Data Platform for EQS Group AG

We designed and implemented a robust data platform architecture for low-latency Big Data analytics, allowing our client to scale their operations.

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Expertise and Specialities

Our end-to-end approach to IoT encompasses tools, technologies, statistics, and business contexts. We support you in assembling an analytical team and evaluating your current data infrastructure. Then we roll up our sleeves to create a long-term outcome. Our emphasis on both tools and infrastructure makes for integrated, sustainable results.

IoT Infrastructures

Strategy consulting and implementation of sensor data collection and IoT device management projects tailored to customer needs.

Deep Learning

We train neural networks and adapt the trained model while advising on the suitable IoT application, neural network configuration, and the selection of compute resources.

Data Mining & ML

We support in predictive analytics, detecting abnormal behaviour, and finding hidden patterns in your IoT data with anomaly detection & predictive maintenance.

Industrial UI Design

IoT often starts with the modernization of your machine software. This often involves visualizing machine data using the appropriate user interface.

Your Project

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The Right Tools for Your Project

We support you in finding protocols and software components specifically tailored to your business process or IoT initiatives. Working with an eye toward high performance, sustainability, and enhanced reliability, we recommend open-source scale-out technologies.