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*Billing starts when an app is running on a device.

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Calculate the cost of your IoT project and the compute resources for your data science tasks. Use only the data science and IoT resources that you need. To save resources, each data pod can be automatically stopped when inactive.


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IoT Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Data pods are compact lightweight data stores that come with their own built-in infrastructure and scalable compute & storage resources. You can create and share multiple data pods.

An app-day is generated whenever one IoT app is executed on one device on one UTC day, in development or in production. This is independent of how long the app runs on the device during that day. For example, if you have 100 devices and run 2 apps on each of those devices for 20 UTC days, this amounts to 100 x 2 x 20 app-days. The more app-days you use within a month, the more rebate you get on the price of one app-day. 

An app-day is measured when one app runs on one device on one UTC day, independent of how long the app runs on the device within that day. 

An IDE day is a calendar day corresponding to each of the twenty-four-hour periods, reckoned from one midnight to the next, measured at UTC. There are 5 IDE days offered for free (billed at 0 EUR) each month. Otherwise, when using the IDE for any amount of time on a day, the entire day will be billed.

An IDE day is activated when using the cloud IDE for any amount of time on a day.

To use the studio in the free version, you simply need to sign up and start exploring. For upgrades or use of any of the billable resources, go to your account settings

Yes. Your free account stays free. The same applies to your free data pod and the use of the IoT development studio where you can connect an unlimited number of IoT devices, develop an unlimited number of apps, and invite an unlimited number of users at no cost.

No. Simply log in and go to your settings to make your changes. You can also set up a monthly budget alert. Read more about managing your payment options here.

Our Enterprise Solutions are subject to individual agreement. As such, there are no feature differences between the enterprise and the usage-based options. However, we may consider building custom features for you if your use case requires it. If you are not sure which option is right for you, get in touch with us to get all the details.

Yes! If you need support evaluating IoT solutions or want to gain in-house expertise, our team offers support and guidance.

Absolutely. The Data Science Studio and the IoT Development Studio function as separate services. Simply go to the usage-based calculator to enter the resources you will need. Billing is based on the usage of the resources you specify.

You can customize the resources you need in your data pod settings. If in doubt, just get in touch and we will see what we can do for you. 

Below is a breakdown of the pricing details for CPU, memory, storage, and network:

CPU 0.1€/Core-hour
MEMORY 0.018€/GB-hour
STORAGE 0.0005€/GB-hour
IoT-STUDIO 0.1€/App-day

With the usage-based product settings, you can freely scale your infrastructure from fractions of one CPU core to dozens of cores in a few seconds. Many of the internal system parameters of the data pod are tied to the number of CPU cores and to the memory capacity you select. Simply log in and go to your settings to make your changes.

Invoicing takes place monthly, unless otherwise agreed.

Resource usage for usage-based invoicing is metered according to the metering policy described in our Terms and Conditions

Invoicing for Enterprise Solutions is subject to an individual agreement. 

Yes. The app-day price is rebated based on the total number of app-days used per swarm within a month. The rebate factor is calculated on the basis of the following formula:
(total_number_of_app_days)^-0.3. This roughly amounts to a bisection of the price for every factor of 10 increase in the number of devices.

When you cancel, your dedicated server will be stopped. Your published apps will remain in the app store. The content you have contributed to other users' data pods or device swarms will not be deleted. Check our Terms and Conditions for more information.

We are free! The full-featured studio is always free for students, educators, and academic institutions. Just get in touch with us to set up your forever-free account.

Yes! Device onboarding starts from 100 devices. This includes the device flashing as well as the registration in the IoT Studio.

Yes! We are happy to develop a custom IoT app for your specific use case while you focus on your business.