Connect your IoT devices

Get any device, IPC, or legacy machine ready for IoT 


Flash Multiple Devices at Once

At Record Evolution, we want to make the flashing process as simple as possible, universally available, and operating on any platform. So we developed a custom tool that radically simplifies that process. The Record Evolution Reflasher is a cross-platform desktop application that helps you create bootable configured flash drives ready to use on any device. 

To connect devices and get started on your IoT project, all you need is an internet connection and a Docker-capable device.


Lightweight Operating System for IoT Devices

ReswarmOS is our customizable operating system for embedded IoT devices specifically designed in-house to meet the requirements of our IoT development studio. ReswarmOS is a configurable and lightweight Linux-based OS that can run on very small devices with low resource consumption, fast flashing and quick startup times. A lightweight custom agent controls all apps and Docker containers.

And since our focus is security, you benefit from an industry-standard authentication method between the development platform and the IoT device. Each device receives an individual username & password on the basis of the configuration file so that it cannot be tampered with locally.

Why a Custom OS?

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Need to build your own OS for custom devices?


Connect Any Device or IPC

To enable IoT on a range of machines and legacy equipment, the Record Evolution platform works with Docker-capable devices. Below is a selection of devices you can connect to the platform based on your use case.

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4

We use this classic as an R&D device, for getting started on a pilot project, for an initial PoC, or as a development device for your apps. It comes with enormous community support. And the platform continues to work with its predecessor, Raspberry Pi 3.

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Raspberry Pi Zero

We could use this tiny Raspberry Pi for various use cases but think it is especially good for home IoT projects and any sort of tinkering. 

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Official NVIDIA Jetson Nano product image

NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Developer Kit

This device is suitable for creators and embedded developers working on artificial intelligence apps. You can run several neural networks in parallel for a range of applications, train and deploy in any setting. With this device, we directly benefit from the NVIDIA community and established workflows. 

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Official Jetson Xavier NX product image

NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX Developer Kit

Another device for AI app developers, the Jetson Xavier NX module for AI edge devices comes with cloud-native support. You can develop and test AI apps intended for rollout at the IoT edge and this could be an option for developing products or solutions that extend from the edge to the cloud.

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connect IoT devices with Beckhoff IPC

Beckhoff IPC series of devices

These ultra-compact IPCs are so robust you can use them for any industrial use case in an array of industrial settings close to the machinery (robots, CNC). Some of the Beckhoff devices are even certified for use close to explosives and under extreme conditions.

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Connect IoT devices with Phoenix
Phoenix Contact logo

Phoenix Contact IPCs

These robust industrial PCs will serve you in a variety of IIoT applications.

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Your device is not on the list?

Let’s find out what works best for you.

Getting Started

Case Studies

You connect IoT devices using any communication protocol and your local wireless network. And then you get to the truly creative part of IoT development. Record Evolution is not simply an IoT platform for connectivity and device management but also a place to gather and analyze device data, develop your own IoT products, build edge computing cases that extend all the way to the cloud, orchestrate IoT deployment scenarios, or even create your own IoT application ecoystem. Starting with just one connected device, you build the foundation for new IoT technology.

Use Case: Reading and Visualizing IoT Sensor Data

Use Case: Reading and Visualizing IoT Sensor Data

We connect a Precitec device to the platform and install an IoT app on it to read out and visualize IoT sensor data.

IoT Data Acquisition Using the Record Evolution Platform with MCC DAQ HAT 118

IoT Data Acquisition Using the Record Evolution Platform with MCC DAQ HAT 118

Connect an MCC 118 board with a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Record Evolution platform for IoT data analytics to read and extract measurement data.

IoT Use Case with an Electric Vacuum Pump

IoT Use Case with an Electric Vacuum Pump

We show you how to connect an interface-free vacuum pump prototype to the Record Evolution platform to collect and analyze data.