Data Science Studio for the Cloud

Accelerate and simplify your data analytics with all data warehousing functions on one platform.

End-to-End Data Analytics

A complete solution that takes care of everything from data extraction and import, through data transformation, data modeling, all the way up to data visualization in reports and infographics.

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Quick Setup & Instant Scalability

This is a SaaS platform where you create a data warehouse in seconds and adjust its size according to current need.

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High Usability & Customization

Maximum user comfort delivered for those seeking efficiency and simplicity. Optimized for customization to allow for tailored queries on your data model.

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All data warehousing and analytics functions in one tool

On the analytics platform, you create and manage compact lightweight data warehouses called Data Pods. Each Data Pod is fully autonomous and comes with its own built-in infrastructure. Working in Data Pods, you leverage the complete data warehouse toolchain to enable powerful analytics. Thanks to flexible storage capacities, you create multiple Data Pods of different sizes to suit different needs. Each Data Pod enables a seamless data journey where you collect, transform, analyze, and visualize data in one continuous flow.

Visualization of the types of data imports in Repods.

Data Import

Collect raw data from a variety of sources including remote databases, IoT routers, S3 Buckets, FTP servers, Web and Twitter sources. Upload files in an array of formats

Get an overview of all loaded raw data packages on a time axis so that you always know which data has already been loaded. The data structure and data types of incoming data are detected automatically using statistical methods but still offer the possibility of manual adjustment. You can adjust the table columns, time scope, and retention settings of your imported data packages.

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Data Transformation

Cleanse data with data pipes and consolidate data from multiple sources into a homogeneous data model. The platform merges all data packages of a table into a consistent long-term data history using a mELT procedure developed specifically for this purpose. With automatically generated real-time dashboards, you always have an overview of your transformation processes.

Transform data pipes via SQL queries describing the target output of your transformation. Automate your pipe executions. Store your transformed data into a target table and view all pipe dependencies at a glance.

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Visualization of the data transformation options in Repods.
Visualization of data modelling in Repods.

Data Modeling

Get a visual representation of the relations between your tables. Access all your interconnected information at once. Describe information in larger contexts to generate better insight. 

You obtain truly valuable insights by combining many interconnected items within one analysis. Well-designed relationships between table entities are therefore an essential prerequisite for future data analyses. These will enable you to explore your data in depth. With the platform’s reporting engine, you drill through an arbitrary entity-relationship model.

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Analysis & Visualization

Generate instant customized reports by picking relations and attributes from your data model. Select from a variety of built-in chart designs and visualization options or generate custom infographics. 

Showcase your results with custom visualizations, descriptions, and interactive elements. Using a bit of code (d3.js), you can breathe life into existing templates and build visualizations directly in the browser. Your visualizations adapt to new data in near real-time and can be embedded into your own web portal or web application.

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Visualization of data analysis and visualization options in Repods.
Steuerung und Monitoring in Repods.

Control & Monitoring

This is where you get a live view of current and past processes and automate package loads all the way up to reporting.  

You can trace all processes running in your Data Pod arranged on a time axis, with pipe executions, pipe log views and package log views. Here you control the versioning behaviour of your data pipes, assign user privileges, and manage your labels, or inspect, lock, and abort processes.

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Develop in data science workbooks

data science workbook

Combine the powers of VS Code, Observable, and TablePlus in our interactive data science workbooks.

Develop custom queries on your data model with PostgreSQL or Python. Inspect query results and document your work with Markdown alongside the code.

You use directly all CPUs of your data pods and are not bound to the resources of your personal working environment.

Each data pod has its own PostgreSQL database. For quick data analysis, the TimescaleDB extension is also pre-installed in each data pod.

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The Record Evolution data science studio compared to classic data warehouses

We automate as much as possible in data preparation so that you can focus on what matters most—extracting value out of your data. The extraction and preparation of high-quality data is an essential prerequisite for any data-driven decision-making. But the tedious task of data preparation takes up too much time and leaves little room for the truly inventive part of data science: data analysis, visualization, building machine learning models, and the generation of meaningful insights. The data science studio is optimized for data analytics so that we can offer you more than a data warehouse.


Record Evolution

Cloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsImport package logistics✓--IoT stream import✓--REST-based data-driven web import✓-(some)Browser file upload✓✓✓Database import✓✓✓S3 Bucket import✓(some)(some)SFTP import✓(some)(some)Poll and listen automation✓-(some)Datatype detection✓✓✓Logging and graphical log overview✓--Package time scope tracking✓--
 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsPipe (job) management✓✓-Data transformation scope management✓--Job dependency resolution✓--Data-driven automation✓--Code-driven graphical job layout✓--Use native SQL code✓✓(some)Historization and versioning✓--Automated data merge algorithms✓--Source data-driven job and table creation✓-(some)
 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsBusiness-driven data relations (logical)✓-✓Technical table relations-✓✓Graphical data model layout✓-(some)Auto-partitioning of event tables✓✓-Auto surrogate key maintenance✓--
 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsLog all job executions✓✓-Adaptive graphical log overview✓--Real-time monitoring✓--Administrative kill control✓✓-Error resolution assistance✓✓(some)
 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsOLAP tool✓-✓Drill across entire data model✓-(some)Time period-based reporting✓-✓Point in time-based reporting✓-✓Data-driven report execution✓-(some)Quick charting✓-✓Advanced charting✓-✓Drill-through(soon)-(some)
 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsWorkbook-style SQL editor✓--Data-driven workbook card automation✓--Downloadable result grids✓✓(some)Markdown editor for documentation✓--Python code cards✓--ML with TensorFlow, Pandas, Scipy, ...✓--Charts in cards(soon)--


 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsUse native code D3.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript✓-(some)Real-time data push into browser✓--Use workbook card or report results✓-(some)Embed in your apps✓-(some)Live-hosted online✓-(some)


 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsData warehouse management✓✓-User and privilege management✓✓✓Usage-based pricing model✓✓(some)Data catalog functionality✓--Global search✓-(some)User-based filtering✓-✓In-app markdown documentation✓--REST API✓✓-Direct access for integration with other tools✓✓(some)Two-factor authentication(soon)✓-
 Record EvolutionCloud Data WarehousesReporting PlatformsScalable compute resources (CPU, memory)✓✓✓Fast storage cluster infrastructure (SSD)✓✓-Auto-tuning of database subsystem✓✓(some)Full real-time feedback web app✓--Quick setup of full data warehouse (< 20 sec)✓--No sharing of compute and database resources (private Linux containers)✓(some)-Backup✓--Offsite backup✓✓-


Services you can integrate

On top of the in-platform toolchain, you can integrate many of your favourite tools and services to feel truly at home and get the most out of your data.

Business Intelligence Tools

Integrate a variety of Business Intelligence applications to retrieve prepared and stored data for reporting. Any application that can connect to PostgreSQL can also connect to the data science studio. The connection is as simple as that of a local database and is secured by SSH tunnels in our jump host architecture.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Combine data from different data sources and structures in a target database.

Business Tools

Integrate different business tools into the Record Evolution data science studio.

Data Science

Integrate various data science tools.


Work together on one platform

Collaboration in Repods.

Collaborate as a data science team on company-specific tasks. Speed up your development processes by sharing insights instantly, via a secure and private connection, with partners across the globe. Take ownership of your data by assigning privileges and controlling who works with your data, and when.

With your public Data Pods, you share use cases in your community of data scientists and data engineers, generate leads, create a following for your data cases, look for problem solvers, or collaborate remotely with other developers.

You can follow the publicly available work of other users, invite collaborators to work on a specific data warehouse, or request access to exciting projects.

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Organizations that build with us

The tool can be elegantly embedded into an existing data management infrastructure, is quickly set up & ready to use.
Dr. Mark Palm
After 15 years of working in data analytics, this is a breath of fresh air—a unique combination of making data integration and data processing approachable for business power users using a great graphic UI and full access to the power of SQL to handle complex tasks.
Tobias Oberstein
The tool is simply awesome. This is really fun!
Chris Reinhardt
CEO Starsellersworld

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