Data Studio

Accelerate and simplify IoT data extraction, develop AI for the shop floor and visualize KPIs


Manage Multiple Data Pods

Create and manage decentralized and compact data pods. Each data pod is fully autonomous and comes with built-in infrastructure for powerful analytics. Flexible storage capacities enable you to create multiple pods of different sizes. You collect, analyze, and visualize data in a seamless data journey. 

Extract Edge or Web Data

Collect raw data from multiple sources such as IoT routers and the web. 

  • An overview of loaded data
  • Automated data type detection
  • Manual adjustment
  • Fully managed data package logistics

Analysis & Visualization

Generate instant reports and create custom infographics in your browser.

  • A range of templates
  • Custom interactive elements
  • Embedded visualizations with near real-time updates

Develop AI in Data Science Workbooks

Combine the powers of VS Code, Observable, and TablePlus in interactive data science workbooks. 

  • Custom queries with SQL or Python
  • Use Markdown along the code
  • Direct use of all Pod CPUs
  • PostgreSQL database and TimescaleDB extension for each Data Pod

Control & Monitoring

Get a live view of current and past processes and automate package loads all the way up to reporting.  

  • Trace & manage processes
  • Assign privileges & labels
  • Manage external access

Is your company new to data science? We can help. 

Is your company new to data science? We can help. 

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Services You Can Integrate

We automate as much as possible in data preparation so that you can focus on what matters most—extracting value out of your data. The extraction and preparation of high-quality data is an essential prerequisite for any data-driven decision-making. But the tedious task of data preparation takes up too much time and leaves little room for the truly inventive part of data science: data analysis, visualization, building deep learning and AI models, in short, the generation of meaningful insights. 

The data studio is optimized for predictive analytics, machine learning, and building custom models. On top of the existing toolchain, you can integrate many of your favourite tools and services to get the most out of your data.

Business Intelligence

Retrieve prepared and stored data for reporting. 

Any application that can connect to PostgreSQL can connect to the platform. 

Extract, Transform, Load

Combine data from different data sources and structures in a target database.

Business Tools

Integrate different business tools into the Record Evolution data science studio.

Data Science

Integrate a selection of data science tools.


Organizations That Build with Us

The tool can be elegantly embedded into an existing data management infrastructure, is quickly set up & ready to use.
Dr. Mark Palm
After 15 years of working in data analytics, this is a breath of fresh air—a unique combination of making data integration and data processing approachable for business power users using a great graphic UI and full access to the power of SQL to handle complex tasks.
Tobias Oberstein
The tool is simply awesome. This is really fun!
Chris Reinhardt
CEO Starsellersworld

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