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The IoT Development Studio

As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Reswarm enables the iterative development of IoT solutions for many possible deployment scenarios. Reswarm makes it possible to connect to any machine and sensors at any location, perform updates over the air, monitor IoT devices remotely, and grow your device fleet with no upper limit. 

On the platform, you develop your own apps live and remotely, programming directly on the IoT device and receiving feedback in real time. You deploy apps over the air, at the click of a button, on any number of IoT devices globally.

Reswarm brings together the specialists of your organization – from engineer to data scientist – on a single platform so that you can make the most out of your machine data.

Repods: The Data Science Platform for the Cloud

Repods is a collaborative cloud platform where you create and share compact data warehouses called Data Pods. As a comprehensive data science platform, Repods enables you to quickly and easily generate insights from large amounts of data. With its built-in infrastructure, Repods covers the entire value chain from data extraction, through data transformation and modeling, all the way to advanced analytics, instant reporting, and data visualization with custom infographics. 

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Repods allows you to create a data warehouse in seconds, offers all functions of the data warehouse toolchain in one platform, and is easy to use. Developers can code in the platform’s workbooks or integrate a variety of tools and services.

Zwei verschiedene Ansichten von der Repods Oberfläche.


We consult on the entire spectrum of Data Science and IoT

Combining expertise in Economics, the Natural Sciences, and Data Analytics, our team of data scientists and IoT specialists covers all stages of your project from the initial prototyping, the building of a future-ready custom strategy, through implementation at your company, all the way to the evaluation of the outcomes. 

IoT Infrastructure Strategy & Implementation

Deep Learning

UI Design

Machine Learning
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Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

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