Innovate at scale with IoT and Data Science

Develop your IoT solutions on one collaborative platform

In 3 Steps to Your Own IoT Product

Step 1

Everything begins with the right tool. You bring your experts—from engineer to data scientist— in one place. 

Speed up IoT development: Make processes transparent and minimize communication gaps. The IoT and AI platform takes care of the technical details, you focus on your solution.

Step 2

Create the long-term foundation for the iterative development of IoT solutions.

Bring your machines and sensors to the platform from any location. Develop IoT applications. Make these available as packages in real-time on any number of IoT devices to collect initial device data.

Step 3

Train your models in the cloud and roll them out as IoT apps on your edge devices in just a few steps. 

Use custom apps to collect data from IoT devices and other sources. Manage these on a comfortable data platform designed for the needs of engineers and data scientists. 

Use cases

Cases in Mobile AIoT

Optimizing Brake Systems with Continental AG

Using the Record Evolution platform for end-to-end IoT development, we implemented IoT data collection strategies, edge analytics, Big Data analytics & AI solutions in mobile IoT scenarios.

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Utilising IoT & Artificial Intelligence in Automotive

Leveraging Big Data and AI approaches for process automation, predictive analytics, predictive maintenance and anomaly detection are at the forefront of R&D efforts in the automotive industry.

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For Everyone Working with Data

The IoT and data science platform that fosters a culture of collaboration

Manager of IoT and Data Science projects


👍 Distribute access rights and keep track of the progress of your projects on a unified data analytics platform.
👍 Benefit from simplified reusability and automation.
👍 Save resources and costs with IoT data analytics and machine learning.

Engineer working on IoT projects


👍 Work with the programming environments and protocols of your choice to make data available to data scientists.
👍 Monitor and manage IPCs and applications from a central location.
👍 Use the devices, industrial PCs, and sensors that convince you—the platform is hardware-agnostic.

Business analyst working on IoT and Data Science projects

Business analysts

👍 Integrate sensor data into the tools of your choice and enrich them with additional data using a single analytics platform.
👍 Develop custom queries on data models using PostgreSQL or Python.
👍 Generate analyses and live presentations quickly and easily. Provide data scientists and managers with customized dashboards.

Data Scientist working on the platform to realize joint IoT and Data Science projects

Data scientists

👍 Develop deep learning and ML models in data science workbooks with native PostgreSQL or Python based on the data collected by engineers.
👍 Make ML models available to engineers for use on the IoT device.
👍 Create automations quickly and easily, from covering your IoT edge analytics to building an entire IoT system.

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