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REVIS - Smart Camera System

The ready-to-use
Smart Camera System

Our smart camera system provides all necessary components for AI applications. Install ready to use apps on your cameras or develop custom solutions with the integrated development studio. Squash the bridge between app developers and operators and join forces in one development studio.

Camera examples for the record Evolution system

Choose a Custom IP Camera

Our Smart Camera System relies on Hardware from NVIDIA. However, the camera itself can be replaced with any common IP camera model that gets power over the ethernet (PoE). This allows you to adapt the system depending on your use case and upgrade legacy cameras. Check out the lens calculator linked below to find the right camera for you.

Install Camera Apps

Turn your camera system into a smart crowd management solution or analyse traffic in real time by simply installing applications on your deviceScale your operation in minutes to your swarm of cameras and remote control them simultaneously.

install IoT Apps with ease on the REvis Smart Camera
IoT platform with apps

IoT Studio for Custom App Development

Several vision apps can be found in our public App Store. However, most smart solutions require some sort of customisation. Create your own smart camera applications and leverage the power of our IoT Studio with over-the-air development and deployment capabilities.

AI Camera Use Cases

screenshot of an operating people counter app

Crowd Management​ App

Evaluate the crowd flow, overall traffic, and venues. Prevent congestion and ensure risk-free events with smart camera insights.
Ai detection for work safety

Work Safety App

Improve workers' safety with the support of smart camera systems. Identify hazardous areas on the shop floor and proactively protect employees.
intersection full with traffic being tracked by ai

Traffic Detection App

Automated and timesaving car park management and traffic analysis with AI-powered cameras is a key component for smart city engineers.

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* The price is subject to VAT and does not include a camera. In addition, you may be charged for studio usage. See our pricing page for details. 

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