End-to-End Smart Traffic Detection System

Draw Custom detection Zones

Users can interact with the live video and select areas of interest. Object detection and counting will be isolated to the detection zones specified by the user. Multiple areas can be defined, and the number of objects will be displayed for each zone. The application differentiates between vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses, and motorcycles.

Automated Analytics Dashboard

Once the traffic detection app is running, a dashboard will be generated automatically. Here you can get direct insights on the history of data. Dashboards consolidate the data of multiple smart cameras running the application. Therefore creating statistics across several equipped cameras.

React to events

Observe different Zones and create different filters and events per zone. Automatically contact security personal or a specified contractor once an event is triggered.

  • E-charging stations occupancy
  • Automated tow away
  • Truck loading zone observation
  • Space-saving parking
install IoT Apps with ease on the REvis Smart Camera

Extend and scale

Extend your camera solution with other functionality. Turn your camera system into a smart crowd management solution or add any other smart vision application by simply installing from our app store.

Remote scale your operation in minutes to your swarm of cameras. Access fleets of smart cameras and install or update software with ease.

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Other AI Camera Use Cases

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Real time data processing from moisture sensors can help with saving resources and increasing yields in agriculture.

Improve worker safety with smart vision

Automated hard hat detection with artificial intelligence improves the safety of workers in production facilities. Turnkey solution with the Revis Ai Kamera

AV Remote control

Provide remote access to mechanics. Control AV's such as the MiR 200 from anywhere in the world in a secure manner.