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Vehicle Counter App

Users can interact with the live video and select areas of interest. Object detection and counting is limited to the defined detection areas. Multiple areas can be defined and the number of objects is displayed for each area. The application can distinguish between vehicles, trucks, cars, buses and motorcycles.

vehicle counting app

Other IoT use cases

Improve worker safety with smart vision

Automated hard hat detection with artificial intelligence improves the safety of workers in production facilities. Turnkey solution with the Revis Ai Kamera

Remote software updates as after sale service

Providing remote software updates to you clients as an after sale service. Over-the-air updates can deliver bug fixes and additional features over the internet.

Logistics asset tracking

With asset tracking, companies can monitor and document the delivery and production route of assets for a more streamlined process planning. With the use of high-precision GPS sensors.

Optimising plant growth with edge data processing

Real time data processing from moisture sensors can help with saving resources and increasing yields in agriculture.

Pump monitoring Dashboard

Remote monitoring of pump efficiency in factory systems to avoid downtime and increase the sustainable and profitable uptime.

AV Remote control

Provide remote access to mechanics. Control AV's such as the MiR 200 from anywhere in the world in a secure manner.

Automotive Smart Camera solution

Interactive camera application for selective object recognition. Real-time object count in predefined areas of the video frame

Smart water metering solution

Real time data processing for a faster reaction time can prevent critical fill levels and potential water contamination.

Self-activating Technician alarm - Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance in the manufacturing industry. Monitor vibration and temperature of critical parts and react to machine failure before it happens.

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