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Moving past the pilot stage

About 74% of all IoT projects don’t make it past the pilot. We are here to change this. With our modular approach to IoT, you reliably shift from pilot to full deployment and scaling.

moving past the pilot stage in IoT projects
fast deployment cycles

Faster deployment cycles

You connect machines, deploy, and oversee performance in one continuous gesture. In fast-tracking IoT development, you are able to offer lower prices to your clients and create a larger pool of satisfied customers.

Stronger customer binding

Equipped with collaboration tools, you shift tasks to the right user group and offer full transparency to your clients.

stronger customer binding
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Become part of the flow

Get all IoT components
at your doorstep

With remote access tunneling, OTA updates, privileges and release management, you are best equipped to bring IoT projects to the next level. 

Stay with your
design choices

Keep using your favorite PLCs and tools like Kafka, Azure, S3, AWS, InfluxDB, MQTT, Python, C++, or OPC-UA while we provide the right environment to manage and deploy your design at the IoT edge.

Empower your clients

Thanks to multi-tenancy and collaborative processes, you remain on top of complexity and keep your clients up-to-date every step of the way. 

You have a larger project in mind? Get easy onboarding.

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We work with big names and specialized boutique consultancies. Here are some of them.

esentri supports companies through the twin transformation, a holistic process that combines digitalisation and sustainable change.
SImon Kneller
Simon Kneller
Head of Industrial Analytics & IoT
NorthRock offers customised software development for companies and public authorities.
Leon Bernard
Leon Bernard
CEO & Business Development Manager​
AssistIng offers expertise and methods for future-ready production and supports companies with goal-oriented digitalisation on the shop floor.
AssistIng CEO & Co-Founder
Dr.-Ing. Christopher Stockinger
CEO & Co-Founder
Prophet Analytics offers software solutions for the automatic calibration and stability monitoring of measurement processes plus custom AI for predictive analytics.
Prophet Analytics CEO
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Prorok
CEO & Founder
BotCraft develops software robots that drive digital transformation in industrial enterprises.
Dr Daniel Carton
Dr. Daniel Carton

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